Books I read in 2021

Thanks to Goodreads, I know what books I completed in the past year. I also participated in the Goodreads "reading challenge" where you promise to read some number of books. I promised 53, and managed to complete 53. This is more than I typically finish: I think the pandemic had something to do with it. Also, strangely, I had to fly quite a lot this year, despite the pandemic, and that provided a lot of time for getting to the final pages.

Looking over the year, among the fiction I most enjoyed and would recommend are: 2021-books-read.png

I also see some highly-rated (by me) novels that I cannot really recommend; while they hit the mark for me, I don't think others would really dig 'em. Also, I see where my ratings were a bit off. For instance, I see I gave Amor Towles's Rules of Civility 5 stars but gave his A Gentleman in Moscow only 4. I read Gentleman first and thought its structure was a little haphazard, which is why I downgraded it. But in reflection, I think it was the better novel, so I'm going to have to subtract a star from Rules.

In non-fiction, my highest rated are

This seems to be...

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