Yet (yet) another Boston Ruby on Rails shop by jgn on Friday, August 17, 2007 in Technology

Is there anyone in Boston doing going old J2EE, LAMP, etc.? I guess not. Pete Glyman, co-founder of Geezeo, is hunting down great Ruby on Rails developers . . . He says that the kinds "of things that are good to know [are] ...Ruby on Rails (duh), MySQL, Subversion and Capistrano, RJS, Scriptaculous/prototype libraries and basic unix/linux. Even if you're new to rails that's cool... passion, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and grow with our team are most important." According to their " about" page, "Geezeo helps people make 'Educated Financial Decisions,'" which seems like a good idea to me. One thing I like about this solicitation is that it contextualizes passion a bit more than other postings we've seen lately.

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