Ruby: JRuby vs. Groovy by jgn on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 in Technology

I have been reading articles recently (such as this one: about picking a scripting language that runs on the JVM.

But isn't a huge point in JRuby's favor the fact that you have the option NOT to run in the JVM (i.e., run with the original MRI)? To be sure, the JVM is nearly ubiquitous, server-side, but there are times when you can't control your environment . . . or the existing JVM version is not appropriate . . . etc.

Which reminds me: The ability of JRuby to interact directly with Java classes is great, but we need to remind ourselves that loose coupling is better: So that in a pinch we can still run in MRI or whatever, and still get at Java. In other words, inheritance from Java bears all of the weaknesses of inheritance in general . . .

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