Indispensible Mac App: iCDc by jgn on Saturday, May 24, 2008 in Listening and Technology

You enter a CD into iTunes, and it goes off to the Gracenote CDDB to determine the album and song names. But wait, you have to pick from a list of choices! Hope you pick the right one . . . Recently I picked the wrong match. I think I got the English version of the album instead of the American, and the song titles weren't right. So what to do?

The matches are stored in /Users/jgn/Library/Preferences/CD Info.cidb, but I couldn't figure out an easy way to edit it. Fortunately, there is a program that lets you edit your CDDB data: iCDc, available here. Whew!

Doubtless there is something you can press when inserting the CD into iTunes that will force a new choice from Gracenote -- or perhaps you can do it through "Get Info." But as usually the documentation is minimalist, and it's nice to have an editor anyway.

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