The MacBook Air: After three weeks by jgn on Saturday, May 3, 2008 in Technology

My development has switched to all-Mac-and-Linux 95% of the time, and so it was time to replace my aging ThinkPad with a Mac laptop. I have found that in the last two years, reducing the weight of my shoulder bag by even a pound or two can make my life much more livable, so the Air seemed like a good choice. Naturally I was concerned by the relatively slow speed, lack of connectors, and the RAM limitation . . . but . . . it sure is light!

Here are the pros and cons as I've experienced them:



So . . . I love the Air, but I may have to acquire a separate Mac just to rip CDs (so that I can use external devices with USB instead of with bluetooth). Or I suppose another option would be to use a non-Apple external CD drive that can work through a hub.

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