New Kindle DX annoyances by jgn on Friday, July 2, 2010 in Reading and Technology

I just don't get it. Amazon has introduced the new Kindle DX. I have a Kindle DX and use it. It's pretty great. I've kept my oath for some months now not to buy another printed book, so my DX and the library have been wonderful helps.

But the new DX . . . Greater contrast is a good thing. But where is the left-side button for turning the page? Every DX user I've talked to who has also used a regular Kindle has complained about this. It is really great to be able to turn the page with either the left hand or right hand. Meanwhile, the DX still has the crappy squeezed keyboard, which is a step back from the keyboard on the newer 6" Kindle. Maybe in user testing the squeezed keyboard was more effective. But it sure isn't for me.

And, still, the web browser is "experimental."

I am a believer in separate reader devices (that is, separate from reading on your computer, phone, or tablet) but this device is not making headway.

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