Great customer service experience by jgn on Monday, September 20, 2010 in Technology


I was watching the new episode of "Mad Men" on my Roku, purchased digitally via Amazon. About 12 minutes in, the show cut out, with a message to call Amazon customer service. Which I did. After about one ring, I got the recorded message that a human would be with me shortly.

And a human was with me shortly.

After a very brief conversation, it was escalated to another human (no wait getting shifted over).

The new caller asked me to reboot the Roku and re-select / de-select the show: It didn't work. He fiddled with some stuff on his end, and finally said: Try now.

And it worked.

It did take awhile, but it was a new experience to me to have my issue handled promptly, and by humans who spoke in civil terms and handled the problem.

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