When I Want Ads to Know More About Me by jgn on Saturday, March 26, 2011 in Reading and Annoyance

So . . . I've logged in to netflix.com recently so I've been cookied by them. Now I read boston.com, and it launches one of those damn "pop under" NetFlix ads. Eh? Hey, guys, how about detecting that I'm a NetFlix subscriber and not showing me that stupid ad!?

Ditto, New York Times. I subscribe to the paper edition. You know that. How about not polluting my page with subscription solicitations? And another thing: I pay for your paper. So stop interrupting my reading with ads! Sheesh!! I'll pay you $1 more a week if you'd just shut up with the interruptions. Or at least learn something from my behavior (hint: I don't click on ads that interrupt my experience).

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