Comcast drives me nuts by jgn on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 in Technology and Annoyance

At the beginning of the summer, I had numerous reboots of my cable modem. Typically this would happen when I was making heavy use of the network. It could happen 5 times an hour. Of course I called Comcast. They had a lot of suggestions: Let's re-flash your modem; upgrade the software on your router; try a different router. I suggested: Maybe it's the link from my house to upstream? Comcast: No, we've checked that. They were responsive (good response from one of their Twitter helpers) . . . but couldn't make it work.

Then about 3 weeks ago (unbidden from me), Comcast told me that I wouldn't have service for a couple of days. They did something.

Now? The network runs like a charm. I had switched routers somewhere back in there, so, cautiously, I put my fastest router back on, and it's worked like a charm. The reboot after Sept. 20 was from a manual reboot.


Comcast! What is wrong with you? Why is it always like this?

You're going to get disintermediated, Comcast!

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