Boxen workflow - notes to self by jgn on Thursday, February 21, 2013 in Technology and Code

Making a change in one's own "my-boxen"

cd src/my-boxen
# make changes
# You will see: Boxen has a dirty tree, won't auto-update!
# That's OK; you're trying out your changes

Did it work? Yes. Then ...

git add ...
# BTW, in GitHub does add and commit the Puppet tars
git commit ...
git push ...

Upgrading a Module

  1. Fork the module you need (e.g., puppet-postgresql)
  2. Make changes; and make sure to tag with a new version number (e.g., 1.0.1)
  3. Now use the new repo and tag in your my-boxen
# Do what you have to do to remove the model manually
brew uninstall postgresql
rm -fR /opt/boxen/homebrew/var/postgres
rm -fR /opt/boxen/data/postgresql
  1. Now open a new shell. This is because the environment variable for PGPORT is specifically not reset in /opt/boxen/env.d/ - no idea why. Otherwise you'd be able to just: source /opt/boxen/
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